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Aruncahal Pradesh Hydel Projects

Soma Enterprise plans 222 MW hydro electric project across river Sissri

Soma Enterprise is planning to set up 222 MW hydro electric project across river Sissri in Dibang Valley district of Arunachal Pradesh. The project envisage construction of a Concrete RCC storage dam of 204 m height on Sissiri river near, with dam toe power house, which is around 8 km west of Dambuk town. It is estimated around 900 ha of land will be submerged and around 25 cumec of water will be in river even after construction of dam.

Arunachal Pradesh to increase Demwe Lower HEP from 1630 MW to 1750 MW

Arunachal Pradesh to increase capacity of Demwe Lower hydel power generation unit from 1630 MW to 1750 MW. The project was earlier planned as lower and upper Demme HEP’s to avoid submergence of Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary. It was the CEA which observed the unutilized head of approximately 13 meter between FRL of Demwe Lower Hydroelectric Project (i.e. 420 m)and TRT level of Demwe Upper Hydroelectric Project (i.e. 433 m) which can be utilized to increase the hydro power potential. Now, further clearance are awaited.

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The project has achieved green nod from the environmental ministry, after the minister has overuled the high powered committee decision. Sources said, the project has to be built without any delay before neighbouring states build their dams, which in case will provide first user rights to India as per international norms. The state government has conveyed its strong support to the project to ensure its water and energy security.

Phangchung Hydroelectric Project capacity to be revised from 36 MW to 56 MW

Pachi Hydro Power Projects Ltd which is setting up Phangchung Hydroelectric Project is planning to revise its capacity from 36 MW to 56 MW. It found that the discharge data in the PFR was based on Bichom River of West Kameng District; whereas Phangchung HEP lies in East Kameng District which receives substantially higher rainfall. It may be noted, this project was originally initiated as a 60 MW dam based project. The promoters revised the scheme to a run of the river type leading to reduction of installed capacity to 36 MW with Design Energy of 137.6 MU. The present assessment of design capacity as 56 MW is based on accepting the representative mean rainfall as 4062 mm (Sebu Lanka) and 4100 mm for Badao Lamino. With 75% runoff factor, the yield is taken as 3075 mm.

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